About us SMPV – your path to music

The Swiss Music Pedagogical Association SMPV is the largest Swiss professional association in the field of music and education. It offers its members a wide range of services and advocates for their professional interests.

To become a member of the SMPV, one must have a music pedagogical diploma – a Master in Music Pedagogy or an old-law teaching diploma. Some of our members have additionally acquired a Master Performance on their instrument or earlier a soloist diploma.
So all our members are professionally trained as instrumentalists or singers and as music teachers at the same time, and most also work both as performing artists and as music teachers.

That is why the SMPV has set up two different platforms: On rent-a-musician.ch, SMPV members can advertise their artistic activities and on www.mein-musikunterricht.ch their private music lessons.

Customers of both platforms can be sure to find highly trained artists and music teachers at the SMPV.
Because the platforms are a service offered by the SMPV to its members and the SMPV does not have to earn anything through the platforms, it can completely waive an agency fee. With all competing platforms, the artists and music teachers have to give up a substantial part of their fees to the platform operators, which makes the musicians’ situation – not brilliant since Corona anyway – even worse and which clearly makes private music lessons and live music more expensive in the medium term. In this respect, these platforms are a contribution to securing the livelihood of SMPV members and to stabilising prices in the field of music.

As a certified music teacher you can join the SMPV: Apply for membership
For further information, please visit smpv.ch