Funeral You are looking for musicians for a dignified funeral service?

Saying goodbye to dear relatives or friends is always difficult.
Music that touches our soul can give a lot of comfort at the farewell ceremony. At the same time, music played or sung live gives the funeral service a dignified setting. – As with beautiful flower arrangements, live music expresses a special appreciation and respect for the deceased loved one.

With us you will find singers and instrumentalists for the funeral service in a church, a crematorium or also at the cemetery or wherever you say goodbye.

All our artists have a large repertoire of instrumental pieces, songs and arias suitable for a funeral service.
Perhaps you have a clear idea of what music you would like to hear at the farewell service. Then propose this programme to the instrumentalist or singer you have chosen on the platform. Our artists will try to fulfill these wishes, even if they have to search for the sheet music for a particular piece of music that is not part of the standard repertoire.
If, on the other hand, you are unsure which music might be particularly suitable for the occasion, then seek advice from the chosen musician. You will certainly succeed in choosing a touching programme together.

Costs: Please negotiate the fee for your performance with the selected artists yourself. Keep in mind that the the fee depends on the amount of work your artists have to do for this assignment: If they play or sing repertoire pieces for which a rehearsal at the performance venue is sufficient preparation, and if the performance venue can be reached in less than an hour from the musician’s home, a fee of CHF 400 to 500 is appropriate. Prices may vary regionally.
If the amount of work required for the selected program is significantly higher because it is particularly difficult and requires extra rehearsals, because it takes a long time to find sheet music for an unfamiliar piece or because your desired artists have to travel across the whole of Switzerland for the performance, the fee will be correspondingly higher.

Procedure: Go to the page “Musicians” and narrow down the selection in the search mask as much as possible: especially select the instruments that come into question and the style.
Browse the profiles that the search displays and select your preferred candidates. Contact them directly: you will find their telephone numbers and email addresses in the profiles.

We wish you a touching funeral service with wonderfully comforting music!