Corporate Event Festive live music for your perfect event!

What do you have in mind for your business event?
A musical amuse-bouche at the aperitif to welcome the guests?
An opera or musical dinner with three or four musical blocks played between the courses?
A jazz trio or band to get your guests in the mood for dancing?
A small and fine musical intermezzo before dessert?
Or even a team event where your guests play along with the musicians?
The musical possibilities for your company event are almost limitless.

Procedure: First consider what style of music you would like, where live music has a place in your programme and whether you are looking for instrumentalists (which instrument?) or singers. Then narrow down your search as much as possible by filling in instrument, music style and “performs in” in the search mask.
Browse through the profiles provided and select the artist you would like to engage for the event as a soloist or together with fellow musicians.
You will find the contact details of the selected artists in the profiles.

Contact the selected person, first check whether they are free on the desired date and discuss with them what the musical framework of your event could look like. – And if you do not yet have a clear idea of what the musical programme for your event should look like, be sure to ask the selected artists for advice.
All of them have a wealth of experience and a rich repertoire, and in a joint discussion you can put together the perfect programme for just this occasion.
Once you have reached an agreement, draw up a contract that includes the date, location of the event, names of the performing artists, the agreed fee including expenses and the duration and content of the programme.

Costs: Please negotiate the fee for your performance with the selected artists yourself.
Quality has its price: Please bear in mind that the amount of the fee depends on the number of musicians involved and on the time and effort your artists have to put into their performance: do they perform once or in several blocks, does the programme require a lot of rehearsal work, how long is the journey from the artists’ place of residence to the event location, etc.? Depending on this, costs of CHF 700.- to 2’000.- per performing musician can be expected. It is advisable to negotiate a flat fee.

We wish you a wonderful event with unforgettable musical highlights!